V-White Toothpaste

Vitamin-Enriched Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

V-White Tooth Paste whitens teeth and nourishes gums. Contains Vitamin A, B6, and C. Vitamin A boosts healing in gums. Vitamin B6 helps control bacterial growth and Vitamin C boosts collagen production.

V-White Tooth Paste contains WITERx patented detergent technology that lifts stains, and it contains Calcium Dioxide and other mineral oxides to whiten teeth. The product is peroxide free and non-abrasive.

Key Benefits

  • Whitens Teeth Using WITERx Patented

  • Stain Removal Technology

  • Promotes Healthy Teeth & Gums

  • Aids in the prevention of cavities

  • Soothes Gums and Nourishes Gums

  • Delivers healthy vitamins for gum health

  • Non-Abrasive. Does not scratch teeth enamel

Cost: $22.50 + tax

At Home Kit0.jpeg

Perfect Fit 

Professional At Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Do you prefer whitening your teeth from the comfort of your own home?

Or maybe you would like to touch up your white smile in-between trips to the clinic...

Pearle offers take home kits! Each kit includes:

  • 2 in 1 mini activation light 

  • Mouth tray

  • Whitening gel

  • Shade guide

Treatment: wear for 30-40 mins up to a maximum of 10 days in a row.

Professional grade teeth whitening products in the comfort of your own home!

Cost $69.99 + tax


Gift Certificates

Give the gift of a brighter smile!